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Car Interior



Express Wash & Interior Detail

$50 - $60
Depending on Vehicle Size

Your vehicle is first rinsed with PH neutral soap, cleaned, then dried by microfiber towels. Door jams and fuel door area are thoroughly cleaned. Wheel and tire care follows. Interior detailing includes vehicle windows, wiping of the dash, door panels and controls, as well as seat and floor vacuuming. 

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Entry Level Wax

& Interior Detail

$120 - $185
Depending on Vehicle Size

An effective way to keep your vehicle's finish protected from the sudden changes in Florida weather, UV damage and bugs is by applying a premium synthetic wax sealant. This service helps repel rain and dirt from your vehicles finish, while also enjoying a freshly cleaned interior; taken a step further than our Express Wash option.

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Premier Wax

& Clay Bar Service

$200 - $300
Depending on Vehicle Size

Our more intensive detail option delves further into restoring your vehicle's  exterior appearance, revealing a far deeper gloss and cleansed finish. How is this possible? After washing the vehicle, stripping away old sealants, the vehicle is clay barred. This process  in essence acts as an exfoliant, removing contaminants and debris from the clear coat otherwise left behind by a simple wash. Continuing the process, we remove what swirl mark and minor scratches that can be lifted, followed by non-filler polish. The newly refreshed surface is then protected by premium synthetic wax delivering the final level of shine. The interior is treated with equal care; this service inclused our deepest interior cleaning. 

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Ceramic Coating

$400 - $850
Depending on Vehicle Size and Condition

Imagine a coat of wax lasting for years. With graphine ceramic coatings, this is now possible. We hand apply a semi-permanent layer of protection which shields out dust and debris, allowing water to bead relentlessly. As an added bonus, by nature cermaic coatings bolster the depth of gloss and a far richer apperance is realized. This process has several steps of prepairing the surface and removing what blemishes and swirls marks that can be safely lifted from the clear coat.  All body panels, windows and plastics will be sealed along with your wheel faces, further repelling brake dust. Our deepest interior cleaning is also included.

*NOTE: this process takes several hours to complete, proper scheduling for vehicle must be made in advance!

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Individual Services:

Headlight Restoration:

Removing oxidation and degredation caused by harmful UV rays and years of seeing the road.


Light Engine Bay Detail:

Removes dust, dirt, sand, light grease and oils from your engine bay. Hoses, wire harnesses and more are also cleaned. Your mechanic will thank you!

$20 - $35

Exterior Valet:

Includes an exterior wash and wax, as well as a light clay bar or polish where needed. The perfect way to clean up the appearance of your car without spending extra time and money on the interior.

$70 - $80

Interior Valet:

Get our premium interior cleaning without the extra time and expense spent on the exterior. Crystal clear windows, all surfaces wiped and cleaned with a Scotchguard solution. 

Along with the dashboard, air vents, control surfaces, steering wheel cleaned of hand grease and makeup. Vacuuming of the interior, light upholstry spot clean/leather conditioning.

$50 - $75

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